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The PlatinumOffer.com is the pre-approved portal for the First Premier Bank Platinum Credit Card. You can apply even if you have a bad credit score. Customers who have received the invitation in the mail can apply on the website of the bank. The application has been made much easier by the bank. You just need to navigate to the Platinum Offer, enter the code and get the result in a snap of 60 seconds.

The bank offers a credit card to its potential customers. PlatinumOffer.com is the website developed for the customers who have already been approved for the credit card. If you have received a confirmation code from the First Premier Bank then here is everything you need to know.

PlatinumOffer.com Review

Are you looking to get a pre-approved credit card that offers all the benefits of a regular credit card? The Platinum Offer from the First Premier Bank is close to a secured card, but it does not require any deposit. Instead, you will have to pay a high fee for usage. This does not sound pleasant for all the customers however, some might find the card extremely handy. If you are in need of an urgent credit, the credit card could be a great help.

At the verdict, PlatinumOffer.com could be an incredible start for those who have not yet used a credit card. It is recommended that you glance at the rates and fee table of the credit card before applying.

How to Apply for First Premier Bank Platinum Offer credit card.

The online application for the customers who have received a confirmation number in the mail is quick and easy. You just have to enter your personal information and click ‘Submit’.

Step 1– If you are eligible to access the www.platinumoffer.com you can open the URL via any computer or smartphone supported browser.
www.platinumoffer.com First Premier Bank Credit Card Application

Step 2– Once the webpage opens the application section will be displayed at the center. Enter the confirmation number you received via mail.