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The TD Bank Credit Card is a good option for those who are craving for a rewards card. You can apply for the TD Bank Credit Card at the website of TD Bank. It enables you to get easy finance options and cash back at restaurants, departmental stores and gas and grocery purchases. We recommend the credit card as there are a decent amount of cash backs when compared to the other credit cards in this range. However, you can find a detailed review of the credit card which lets you decide whether it is worth applying.

For instant approval, you need to have a good credit score. Applying for the credit card is easy, as the user is just required to fill a short form and submit with a click. You can simply follow the guidelines for applying.

TD Bank Credit Card Reviews

  • The max late payment fees for the credit card is $37.
  • There is no max over limit fee associated with the credit card.
  • No online response.
  • The cash advance rate on the credit card is 26.24%.
  • $0 is charged for foreign transactions.


  • If you are wishing to obtain the secondary credit card then this is probably the perfect choice.
  • With the credit card, you can easily pay off your bills at restaurants, gas stations and everywhere else.


  • People who are frequent shoppers at Apparel and Beauty store or have a varied spend habits may find the credit card less useful.
  • There are charges if you fail to make the payment on time. However, you cannot blame the credit card as it has a good rewards rate.

Benefits of the TD Bank Credit Card

  • Get 20,000 bonus points by spending $500 within 90 days of activation. The earned points can be easily redeemed towards a $200 cash back.
  • Dining at restaurants you can get a reward of 3 points and 2 points on all eligible purchases.
  • Redeeming the earned cash-backs is much easier. You can redeem them towards merchandise, gift cards, and travel rewards.
  • No limit on rewards as they do not expire.

How to Apply For TD Bank Credit Card

Step 1– In order to apply you need to open the homepage of TD Bank and click on the “Apply Now” button found at the center of the screen. If you are a TD Bank customer then you will be directed to the application page. Otherwise, you will be asked to visit the nearest store or call the help desk for the application.

TD Bank Credit Card application

Step 2– To begin filling the form enter the following:

  • Complete Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Enter the number if you are responding to a credit card offer

TD Bank Credit Card apply

Step 3– Tap ‘Next’ and you will be taken to set up your card. Complete as directed and submit the application.