Tap Card Application

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Tap Card application can be done online or through the mail. For online application, you need to go to the online portal of Tap and fill out the form. The card is designed for the senior residents of the LA Country. There are many transit system associated with Tap. These offer a reduced fare system to the senior people or disabled.

The card is great for individuals who dislike carrying cash while traveling. Tap packs a sensor chip that senses whether you are eligible for the reduced fare system. Moreover, with access to the card, there is no need to fumble around for a change. You just need to load the fare amount and type and you are ready to go.

How to Use the Tap Card?

The Tap Card has an easy usage procedure. You need to tap the card on the surface of the validator fare box fixed on the station or bus. Once you do so the validator will buzz and show a confirmation. After you have confirmed you can easily board the bus or train.

Benefits of the Tap Card

  • The Tap Card eases traveling for most of the senior citizens.
  • You can now travel much freely without the hassle of carrying cash and fish for currency notes and coins.
  • Usage is extremely easy. You do not require any experience to use the Tap card.
  • In case your card is lost you can get a new one with a minimal fee of $5.

Should you apply for the Tap Card

Willing to get the card. Before application, you must consider checking the pros and cons of the card. Here you can find justifications on why should you obtain the card. You can apply if you are a senior citizen or hate carrying cash for travel.  Moreover, Tap issues Employer cards that let the employers offer travel services to their employees.

How to Apply for the Tap Card

In order to access the application page of the Tap Card, you need to sign into your account. If you are a new user then you can sign up for a new account.

Step 1– Once you sign into your account you will be allowed to fill the application form and late submit it online.

Tap Card Application

Step 2– The applicant can also download the application form of Tap Card and fill it. After you have entered the required information in the form, print it and mail it to the following address:

TAP Reduced Fare Office One Gateway Plaza Mail

Stop 99-PL-4 Los Angeles, CA 90012-2952