Rogers and Hollands Credit Card Application

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Rogers and Hollands Credit Card is an in-store credit card made to be used at the Rogers & Hollands and Ashcroft & Oak. Willing customers can apply for the credit in a Rogers and Hollands retail location. The credit card service is available to the loyal customers of the jewelry store. Customers who are looking for an easier way to purchase jewelry can find the credit card handy.

The application can be also done by phone. You need to call at (708) 679-7500. Press 1 if you wish to get a guest service or press 2 for credit card application and assistance. The rates and fees on the credit card are too high. However, it makes it easier for you to get jewelry financed.

Still confused whether the credit card is a good one? Cards HQ has collected a detailed information of the Rogers and Hollands Credit Card.

Rogers and Hollands Credit Card Review

  • The APR rate for purchases is 24.99%.
  • You can avoid from paying interests by making the payment before the due date.
  • The minimum interest charged is $ 0.50.
  • The bank does not charge an annual fee for usage.
  • For late payments, you will be charged $39.
  • Returned payment fee may be up to $30.


  • The credit card can be used to shop online as well as in-store.
  • Easy finance options. You can set up low monthly payments.
  • Plenty of privileges at the Rogers & Holland and Ashcroft & Oak.


  • The annual purchase rate of the credit card is too high.
  • You have to pay an interest for every finance you make via the card.
  • Late payment and returned payment fee are higher than expected.

Benefits of the Credit Card

  • The credit card allows you a great online shopping session.
  • Purchase of the jewelry collection made easier for the credit card owners.
  • Theft assistance and secure identity theft security.
  • Access to a wide range of designer collections and watches.

How to Apply For Rogers and Hollands Credit Card

As mentioned earlier you can apply by phone or by visiting your nearest Rogers & Hollands retail location. The applicant is required to download the credit agreement PDF, read it and provide at the time of application with their signature.

The application is handled in store. You can visit the nearest location and demand the application form.

Use the Store Locator of the Rogers and Hollands to find a store nearby.

How to Log in

Step 1– If you are an existing customer you can access your account at the sign in page of Rogers and Hollands.

Rogers and Hollands Credit Card Application

Step 2– To begin the user must fetch the username and password in the blank spaces. Click ‘Sign in’ and manage your account.