Land bank Credit Card Application

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Willing to apply for the Land Bank Credit Card? You can obtain the card at the web portal of the Bank of Philippines. The credit card can be used as an everyday card. The card comes with a low annual fee and interest rates. There is a decent number of rewards associated with the credit card. However, the cash advance rate is limited. It is widely accepted at all local and international locations.

The application is done via mail. You need to download the application form from the webpage of the Land Bank, fill it and thereafter submit it. You can also check out the Land Bank e-card and the Land Bank Cash Card. We recommend that you have a glance at the credit card review before proceeding.

Land Bank Credit Card Review

  • The annual membership fee for the credit card amounts to P1000.
  • The supplementary membership fee is P250.
  • Cash Advance Interest is 5% of the amount withdrawn.
  • 2% of the foreign currency conversion rate, plus service and assessment fee is charged for foreign transactions.
  • P500 is the returned check fee.
  • The Sales Slip Retrieval Fee is P350.
  • Statement reprinting fee is P100.
  • Late payment fee is 2.35% based on the amount due.


  • The credit card is widely accepted as a medium of payments at various locations.
  • The interest rates are low.
  • You can consider applying if you wish to obtain a credit card for varied spending.


  • There is an annual fee for usage and the foreign transactions might cost you a lot.
  • The application procedure involves a little hassle. It lacks an online application portal.

Benefits of the Land Bank Credit Card

  • The Land Bank Credit Card is accepted at all international locations.
  • Usage and account management is easy.
  • You can save on paying interest if paid before the due date.

How to Apply

Step 1– To obtain the credit card the applicant is needed to download the credit card from the application page of the Bank.

Step 2– Once you have downloaded the form you need to enter the following information:

  • Application for
  • Complete Name
  • Photograph
  • Complete Address
  • Previous Address
  • Mother’s Full Maiden Name
  • Company/Business Name
  • Nature of Business
  • Employment Details
  • Housing Status

Land Bank Credit Card Application

Step 3– Scroll down to read the terms and conditions and mail the credit card to the following address: