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Customers of the Home Depot stores can apply for the Home Depot Credit Card. The credit card offers you a fair amount of benefits on finances made at the home improvement store chain. It is worthy to apply if you are a dedicated customer of the store or make frequent purchases of major home improvement products. It is a decent credit card in terms of easy finances. However, you do not get any rewards with this card.

To apply the applicant must visit the homepage of the Citi Bank and enter the requested personal and financial data. Is the Home Depot Credit Card right for you? We have answered all such questions in the review section below. If you still find the credit card handy you may apply using the steps below.

Home Depot Credit Card Review

  • The card charges 0% interest for first 24 months on your every purchase.
  • You get 1-year hassle-free returns.
  • Earn 2% rewards rate on all of your purchases.
  • Earn $150 bonus after spending $500 on your purchases for first 3 months.
  • Get a one-time bonus of 50,000 miles after spending $3000 on purchases.


  • It is the perfect card for building fair credit.
  • The card does not charge on purchase intro APR for first 24 months.
  • The card does not charge any over limit fee.
  • The card does not charge cash advance rate and fee.


  • The APR rate of the card is extremely high at 22.28%.
  • The credit card does not allow balance transfer.
  • The card does not provide 24 hrs online response to any queries.


Benefits of Home Depot Credit Card

  • The card does not charge any annual fees.
  • The card provides a grace period of 25 days.
  • The card does not charge any penalty fees.
  • The foreign transaction fee is $0.
  • Get 6 months of deferred payment through your purchases.


How to Apply

Step1: Application can be done at the online portal of Home Depot Credit Card Application.

Step2: Provide information about yourself:

  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name

Step3: Provide email address information:

  • Email address

Step4: Provide your address information:

  • Street address
  • Apt
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code

Step5: Provide identification details:

  • Phone number
  • Phone type

Step6: Provide your financial details:

  • Monthly mortgage
  • Residence status
  • Total annual net income

Step7: Provide your security information:

  • Social security number

Home Depot Credit Card Application

Step8: Provide your date of birth information.

Step9: Read the account terms and details, rates and agreement details.

Home Depot Credit Card Apply

Step10: Tap “submit application” to complete the application.


Check Home Depot Credit Card Application Status

If you have applied for the credit card, you can check application status of the card by calling at 1-866-875-5488. Monday to Friday from 8 am to 9 pm.