Goody’s Credit Card Application

Looking for steps to apply for the Goody’s Credit Card? If ‘Yes’ then you have come the right place. Here one can find Credit Card Reviews and easy online application guidelines. The application platform is managed by the Comenity Bank, therefore to apply you need to visit the webpage of the bank and fill out an application form there.

The credit card is issued by the Goody’s departmental store in partnership with the Comenity Capital. If you are a regular shopper at Goody’s the credit card is great for you. The American departmental store enables the credit card holders to enjoy amazing offers on all purchases financed through the card.

However, if you are still thinking whether it is right to apply for the credit card, then you must turn down to find Goody’s Credit Card Reviews here. You may also find application steps below.

Goody’s Credit Card Reviews

We have provided an honest review of the Goody’s Credit Card that enables the new customers to take an insight into the pros and cons of the card before applying. Scroll down and stop to read the credit card reviews.

  • The credit card charges a fee of $38 for late payments
  • There is no over limit fee on the card
  • Grace period is 25 days
  • No maximum penalty APR
  • No maximum over limit fee
  • No cash advance fee


  • Comenity Bank does not charge an annual fee for usage
  • You can use the credit card for making transactions overseas as there is no extra fee
  • The APR rate is 27.99%


  • If you forget to make the payment on time, the late payment fee can be as high as $38
  • The credit card lacks a smart chip
  • It is an in-store credit card, you can only receive benefits on shopping at the Goody’s stores

Benefits of the Goody’s Credit Card

  • The credit card holders can manage their account all 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  • You can earn 2 points for every $1 spent at the Goody’s.
  • Once you accumulate 100 reward points you can earn $5.
  • Platinum Card holders can earn a special birthday offer of a $10 birthday gift.

How to Apply For Goody’s Credit Card

Step 1– You can open the application page of the bank through any internet connected device.  Read the important information about account opening before beginning.

Goody’s Credit Card Application

Step 2– Once the webpage opens, scroll down and you will find the application form. Enter the following details to begin:

  • Complete Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Birth Date
  • Annual Income

Goody’s Credit Card Apply

Step 3– The next contact information section requires the applicant’s complete street address or rural route address.

Goody’s Credit Card Apply Online

Step 4– Check the ‘Yes’ button if you wish to add an authorized user and click the pink button tagged ‘Continue’.

Goody’s Credit Card Reviews

Step 5– Read and agree to the terms and conditions of banking and you are ready to go.