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The Getmyoffer from Capital One is the pre-approved credit card offer sent to the potential customers of the Capital One. If you are willing to get an application response in seconds then the is the best place. Once you have received the offer in the mail you are eligible to apply at the webpage of the Capital One Bank. At the website, one can also check whether they are pre-qualified for a personal or business credit card in as less time as 60 seconds.

This new approach to credit card approvals has been helping users till infinity! However, some of the customers are wondering whether the pre-owned credit card offer is any good. While most of the people are running after the offer you can find an honest review of the Get my Offer. Capital One here.

Get My Offer Review | Respond to the Mail Offer

If you are looking for a credit card that does not bring in much checkout hassle then the Getmyoffer from the Capital One Bank would be a good choice. If you are a newbie then you would consider to simply accept the offer. For those who are not at the entry-level, it is recommended that you have a close view of the details of the credit card.


  • The Capital One Credit Card is good for consumers having a fair credit score.
  • There are no additional charged associated with the credit card. Therefore it would not burn a hole in your pocket. You can enjoy credit usage with a minimal burden of an annual fee.
  • Anyone who is a resident of the United States and has a good credit record can get approval.


  • If you wish to use the credit card for balance transfers then you should not go for it.
  • The credit card lacks a rewards program.

Apart from some of the demerits, the Capital One Platinum Credit Card packs a wide range of outstanding features. You do not have to pay an annual fee for usage. However, if you wish to apply you need to pay a high-interest rate. At the verdicts, if you are in desperate need of credit then the is worth having.