Game Stop Credit Card Application

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Game Stop Credit Card application is powered by the Comenity Bank. You can apply for the Game Stop PowerUp Rewards Card if you are willing to earn rewards at the Game Stop stores. The credit card lets you enjoy a wide range of privileges on the purchase of gaming materials and VR products. The credit card is a light of delight for every gamer. You can get your dream gaming consoles financed at a minimum interest paid.

If you have decided to get the card, then you can apply following the instructions below. However, we recommend that you read the review before starting the application. Here you can find any to your every question related to the Game Stop credit card.

Game Stop Credit Card Review

  • The APR rate of the credit card is 28.24%.
  • The credit card does not support balance transfers.
  • Purchase intro APR is not offered by the credit card company.
  • For late payments, you need to pay $38.
  • You can use the credit card till the over limit as there are no additional charges.
  • There are no charges for foreign transaction.


  • The credit card is recommended for customers who are willing to earn extra power up reward points.
  • Good for usage at the Game Stop stores.


  • To get the approval the applicant needs to have a fair credit score.
  • The usage is limited to the Game Stop stores.

Benefits of the Credit Card

  • You can 15,000 bonus points if you are a pro elite member. Power up reward members can earn 5000 bonus points.
  • There is no annual fee charged by the credit card company.
  • You can take advantage of exclusive cardholder offers year long.
  • The customers have the liberty of selecting monthly payment options.
  • The credit card can be used at Game Stop retail or online locations.

How to Apply

Step 1- For the application, the user should navigate to the application page of the Comenity Bank. For proceeding with the application you need to sign into your Game Stop account.

Game Stop Credit Card Application

Step 2– Once you have signed in you will be taken to the application page. Enter the required details and make the submission online.

Step 3– Once your application is approved you will receive the credit card in the mail. Read on to find how to check credit card application status.

Check Game Stop Credit Card Status

If you have already applied then you can check the status of your account by calling at 1-855-497-8168.