Dress Barn Credit Card Application

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Dress Barn Credit Card is issued by the Dress Barn retail chain of stores. You can apply online if you are a dedicated customer of the store or love the shopping destination. Dress Barn is a part of the Ascena Retail Group which a U.S based women clothing retailer. With the access to the credit card, one can shop for a wide range of clothing brands

Formerly the credit card was serviced by the Comenity Bank. However, they have now moved their service to the Capital One Bank. Therefore, to apply you will be required to navigate to the application page of the Capital One. If you are eligible to apply you will be issued the credit card. We recommend that you have a glance at the credit card review before proceeding with the application.

Dress Barn Credit Card Review

  • The APR of the credit card is 28.24%.
  • Balance transfers are not allowed by the credit card company.
  • The purchase introductory APR is not offered.
  • $0 is charged for usage.
  • For late payments, the bank will charge $38.
  • There is no maximum penalty APR.
  • $0 is charged for using the credit card to its max limit.


  • You should apply if you are a regular customer of the Dress Barn shopping destinations.
  • The credit card has no annual fee. Therefore, you would not feel burdened with a heavy annual charge for usage.
  • There are no charges for foreign transactions.


  • The maximum benefits of the credit card are limited to the Dress Barn Stores.
  • The APR rate is slightly high. The interest rates may also hurt your pocket.

Benefits of the Dress Barn Credit Card

  • The credit card rewards you with $20 while making the first purchase.
  • You can earn 2 points on spending each dollar through the card.
  • Shopping at Dress Barn and partner sites you can earn 2 points for every $1 spent.
  • Receive special offers and rewards during your birthday month.

Dress Barn Credit Card Application

How to Apply for the Dress Barn Credit Card

Currently, the credit card has no online application portal. However, you can visit the new website of the Dress Barn Credit Card and find more information there.

To obtain a new credit card the applicant may feel free to call at 1-855-408-1657. Provide the details necessary for application and you are ready to go.

Once your credit card is approved you will receive a confirmation email. After 7-8 days your credit card would be expected to arrive in the mail.

Check Dress Barn Application Status

If you have already applied you can check the application status by getting in touch with the hhelpdesk Call at 1-855-408-1657 and fetch your application reference number.