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The Discover Business Credit Card lets you finance your business ongoings. You can apply at the web portal of the Discover Bank. Discover has all segment of credit cards for its customers. You can even visit the credit card page of the provider and find a list of credit cards. The business card from Discover can be used at a variety of destinations.

When you wish to use the credit card for business purposes, it is important that you read the terms and conditions and fee table. There can be a penalty for overuse or you may have to pay other charges for violating the terms. The rates and fee structure may change without any notice. Read below to find a detailed review of the Discover Business Credit Card. Read on and have a nice time obtaining a business credit card.

Why is a Business Credit Card Different?

Business credit cards are not alike personal or shopping cards. They require a higher credit line, sometimes you may also require keeping a security for approval.

There are some advantages of the Discover Business Credit Card. You can enjoy a higher credit limit, the rewards are easily redeemable, easy payment features.

Discover Business Credit Card Review

A business credit card is one of the most helpful things that may help your business bloom. This is the one that lets you finance office essentials and pay off the service charges of your employees. Here are the negative and positive sides of the credit card.

  • The APR rate is 24.24.
  • 3% is charged on balance transfers.
  • Late payment fee amounts to $37.
  • No annual charges.
  • Smart chip enabled.
  • Enhance fraud protection technology.


  • If you are looking for a credit card to pay off your business expenses, then you can consider applying.
  • Good for ones with small business.
  • There is no annual fee.


  • The credit card has a high APR rate.
  • Larger expenses cannot be financed. It is only meant for small business.

Benefits of the Credit Card

  • Earn unlimited dollar match of all the earned cash backs.
  • Get a 5% cash back on fuel stations, restaurants, e-commerce websites, grocery stores and wholesale clubs.
  • The rewards can be easily redeemed for cash.
  • The earned cash backs do not have an expiry.
  • Rewards can be used for checkout at

How to Apply For Discover Business Credit Card

Step 1– To apply you must visit the application page of Discover. Enter the following details to begin:

  • Complete Name
  • Select a card design

Discover Business Credit Card Application

Step 2– Now provide the requested details and click ‘Continue’.

Discover Business Credit Card Apply

Step 3– On the next page you will need to review the terms and conditions and click ‘Submit’.