When do Baby Teeth Fall Out

Every child is high on energy and full of curiosity. Every new phase of life turns on their excitement mode. Falling out of baby teeth is something your child must be waiting for, as it’s time for the Tooth Fairy’s visit. Baby teeth first become wiggly and then typically start falling out, making room for permanent teeth. If you are curious about “what age do kids lose teeth,” know that It happens around the early elementary years for most of the kids. Nevertheless, this process gets is delayed or sped up by a year because of some circumstances. Some kids might lose their baby teeth before

Two bottom front teeth also termed lower central incisors, are typically the first ones that are lost. The hierarchy is then followed by:

  1. Upper central incisors
  2. Lateral incisors
  3. First molars
  4. Canines
  5. Second molars.

Six to seven age bracket:

Your kid may lose his/her first tooth between the ages of six and seven. During this time, biting and chewing food becomes a little harder. So rather than giving your child full sized apple or similar eatables, give them smaller bites of food that is easy to chew with the teeth at the back.

Seven to Eight age bracket:

At this age, your child may experience losing out the lateral incisors. Your child will face problems while eating chicken wings and ribs. It is better to offer them bite-sized food that can be easily chewed by them.

Nine to Twelve age bracket:

First molars are the next ones your child may be losing. During the fall out of these baby teeth, kids might face difficulty with the food sticking between the second primary molar and the primary cuspid. You must help them out in this situation by teaching them to brush after every meal so that plaque can be prevented.

Ten to Twelve age bracket:

The remaining teeth, the second molar, and canines are the last ones in the queue to be lost.

So by the time your kid has grown to an age of 13, he will have permanent teeth mostly. And in order to give a long life to the permanent teeth of your kids, you need to take proper care of their oral hygiene. Diet also plays a great role in the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. Keep your child away from high sugar products and cut back all those things which can stick in their mouth for longer than usual. Don’t forget to take your kid to a regular dental check-up!