Boscov’s Credit Card Application

Boscov’s has offered the Credit Card to its loyal customers in partnership with the Comenity Bank. If you regularly visit the departmental store chain then the credit card would suit you. The application is easy, the willing customer is needed to visit the online application page of the Comenity Bank the fill out the form located there.

Why Apply for the Credit Card? This is a common question that seeks the attention of the majority of applicants. The card is designed for the shoppers of Boscov’s. If you are wishing to obtain an in-store credit card then this would be a perfect choice.

We have provided a detailed review of the Boscov’s Credit Card that lets you get a deeper insight. Also, find easy application instruction below and have a nice time shopping with the credit card.

Boscov’s Credit Card Reviews

  • The credit card has a lot of discounts and rewards on in-store purchases
  • There is no sign-up bonus
  • $0 annual fee is charged by the bank for usage
  • No cash advance APR is associated with the credit card
  • The late payment fee may amount up to $35
  • 99% purchase APR


  • Customers of Boscov’s can apply as this has a lot of incentives.
  • Earn a wide range of benefits shopping at a physical location or online.


  • If you are looking for an everyday credit card, then this would not be a perfect choice.
  • Late payment fees are high as $35.
  • There are no sign-up bonuses associated with the credit card.

Benefits of the Boscov’s Credit Card

  • The Boscov’s Credit Cardholders earn a 15% discount on the first purchase after card activation
  • Special birthday offers.
  • On account opening, you can receive a reward of 100 points.
  • Purchase cosmetic and fragrance items and earn x2 points.
  • More amazing discount offers throughout the year.

How to Apply For Boscov’s Credit Card

The application for the Boscov Credit Card has been simplified here. Just read the guidelines and set off for shopping! However, it is recommended that you read the terms and conditions before applying.

Boscovs Credit Card Application

Step 1– The applicant is required to open the application page of the credit card and scroll down to find the form.

Step 2– Complete the personal information section by entering the following details:

  • Complete Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Annual Income

Boscovs Credit Card Apply

Step 3– The contact information part of the form requires the following details:

  • Email Address
  • Home Phone
  • Mobile Phone

Boscovs Credit Card Apply Online

Step 4– Review the electronic consent and disclosures and the credit card statement. Finally, read the financial terms and click ‘Submit’.

Boscovs Credit Card Reviews