BJ’s Credit Card Login

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Willing to log into your BJS Credit Card? The credit card company has developed an easy sign-in portal for its existing customers. Once you are logged into your account you can pay credit card bills, check your payment history and more. The login portal can be accessed via any web-enabled device.

It is extremely easy to log into your BJS Credit Card account. The account holder is just needed to remember his/her user id and password. Read the instructions below to log in, recover username and password and activate a newly received credit card.

How to login to BJS Credit Card

Step1: the customers of BJS credit card can easily access their credit card account through the login page of BJS Credit Card login section.

How to login into BJS Credit Card

Step2: you have to give your current username and current password.

Step3: once you have provided, tap “sign in” to access your account.

How to Activate your BJS Credit Card

Once you have received your BJS credit card, you can activate your credit card promptly by calling at 1-855-269-1622. After activating your card you can make purchases with the card.

How to Recover Lost Username or Password

Step1: You can recover your username or password easily, you have to provide the required information:

  • Credit card account number or username
  • ZIP code or postal code
  • Identification type
  • Last 4 digits of the social security number

Step2: Tap “find my account” to access your account.

Bill Payment

You can payment of your BJS credit card bills, you just need to sign in your BJS credit card account. Once you have logged in you will get the payment option of the card.

BJS Credit Card Support

You can call the customer service anytime at 24hrs. You can call at (866)-425-7932 or visit the customer service page of BJS Credit Card.