BJ’s Credit Card Application

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Willing to get the BJ’s Credit Card? The application is powered by the Comenity Capital Bank. The credit card is issued by the BJ’s Wholesale Inc. for its loyal customers. If you are a frequent customer of the store then the card would be beneficial for you. It can help you boost your savings and enjoy lots of exclusive perks. If you wish to get a rewards credit card and at the same time enjoy the benefits of a store card then the credit card is worth applying.

You need to be eligible for getting the credit card approved. The primary function of the credit card is usage at the BJ’s wholesale stores. Therefore, you may consider comparing other credit cards in this range. However, we have mentioned all the details related to the credit card. Read below and have a nice time ahead.

BJ’s Credit Card Review

  • The Credit Card requires a good credit score for approval.
  • The APR rate of the credit card is 16.24%-26.24%.
  • There is no annual fee associated with the credit card.
  • Transfer intro APR is not offered.
  • You do not have to pay an annual fee for usage.
  • $38 is charged if you fail to make the payments on time.
  • The grace period of the credit card is 23 days.


  • The credit card is showered with rewards and incentives when used inside the BJ’s Wholesale store.
  • There is a fair number of benefits of using the credit card for paying off your gas and dining expenses.


  • If you usually spend outside the BJ’s store then you might apply for a regular rewards card.
  • There are no introductory rewards offered to the customer.

Benefits of the Credit Card

  • Using the credit card for making purchases at the BJ’s store and you can earn a discount of 3%.
  • 2% savings on making payment for dining and gas purchase.
  • Shop at the BJ’s gas and save 10 cents on each purchase.
  • Make payments anywhere where MasterCard is accepted and earn a discount of 1%.

How to Apply

Step 1– Once you have decided to obtain the credit card you would be required to open the application page of BJ’s.

BJ's Credit Card Application

Step 2– For proceeding with the application the user is needed to fetch the requested details on the webpage of the Comenity Bank.

You may also visit your nearest BJ’s retail location and demand for the application form. Fill the form and submit it to the authority. On approval, you will receive your credit card and will be required to activate it for use.

Check BJ’s Credit Card Status

For checking your application status you may feel free to call at 1-844-271-2535.