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The 60secondpremier.com is a pre-approved credit card offer from the First Premier Bank. If you have received the offer in the mail you can simply visit the 60secondpremier and apply for a credit card in a snap. The application has been much easier than before, the customer will be required to enter their personal information, and the confirmation number received via mail.

First Premier Credit Card proves handy for individuals who love using a secured credit card or a card with low deposits. Even though you have bad credit you can obtain the card and enjoy the benefits of a credit card. However, some might find the rates and fee structure too high. Here is all you need to know about the 60secondpremier.com | First Premier Bank Credit Card.

How to Apply | 60secondpremier.com

Step 1– Once you have received a mail containing a confirmation number, you are eligible for a pre-approved credit card from the First Premier Bank. The application process is quite simple. One can open the 60secondpremier.com through any internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or computer device.

60secondpremier.com Apply

Step 2– Now you will find the application section at the center of the screen. Type the confirmation number in you received through mail and click the “Apply Now” button below.

60secondpremier.com Credit Card Review

You might have come across plenty of credit card offers in your mailbox. Some claim to be pre-approved or some require a long checkout process. What about the 60secondpremier.com? The pre-approved credit card offer leaves everyone in mystery!

We have checked the credit card offer for you. The credit card company claims to offer you a response within 60 seconds which is quite true. If you have the confirmation code sent by the First Premier Bank you can instantly apply for the credit card.

  • There is a credit limit of $700.
  • No sign-up bonus is associated with the credit card.
  • The First Premier Credit Card needs to be blessed with a better rewards rate.
  • There are no cash backs and no bonuses offer by the bank.
  • You need to pay a high annual fee for usage.

At the verdict, the 60secondpremier.com is a one-stop destination for anyone who is looking for a pre-approved card. Instead of going through the hassle of a long application process you can use the code you just received to obtain the First Premier Credit Card.