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11 January 2006, Astana, Akorda

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

This day is an outstanding historical event, not only for me, taking the oath, but also for all our country.

A month ago Kazakhstan people elected the State leader by democratic, fair and transparent voting.

The elections, observed by many international organizations, became an illustrative example of our people’s solidarity and Kazakhstan’s confidence in its future.

I have perceived this national-wide support as a pledge of stability, international accord and dynamic economic development.

Kazakhstan obtained its independence 14 yeas ago, worthily overcame all hardships and entered the path of economic, political and social modernization.

We have created national legislature and adopted new Constitution, which provides equal rights, freedoms and worthy life to our people.

All these years we are pursuing the policy, targeted at political stability and international accord between 130 nationalities, residing in the republic. Due to state policy of inter-confessional concord, representatives of over 40 religious confessions are peacefully living side by side. In the result, in 2003 leaders of world and traditional religions chose Kazakhstan for their first Congress.

Having adopted 2030 Strategy of Kazakhstan development, aimed at dynamic economic growth, we entered the list of rapidly developing countries in the world. Kazakhstan economic model provided GDP growth by 9-10%. In this regard we set a new task: to double GDP by 2008 against 2000.

Kazakhstan has completely settled border problems with all our neighbors – Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan and proved it at international-legal level. We are to expand cooperation and partnership with all our neighbors.

We have created society, complying with the standards of western democracies via strengthening the statehood and Kazakhstan model of development, based on principles of market economy. At present we are carrying out political modernization.

Political pluralism and multi-party system are obvious and participation of representatives from ten officially registered parties in recent presidential elections evidently proved that.

Freedom of speech and activity of over 5 thousand non-governmental organizations are also provided in the republic. Over 2 000 independent media are functioning in the country.

In keeping with international norms, we have created ombudsman institute, protecting human rights and imposed moratorium on the capital punishment.

Kazakhstan has formed independent juridical system, duly estimated by international experts and in near future we are to introduce jury trial.

At present security of each state is closely connected with the global safety. We closed Semipalatinsk polygon – the largest in the world and eliminated nuclear arsenals. It is our worthy contribution to non-proliferation and liquidation of nuclear and mass destruction weapons and formation of the global security system.

Kazakhstan is against any manifestations of international terrorism and religious extremism.

Due to political stability we have drawn over $ 40 bln of direct foreign investments to our economy. Actively developing our energetic resources, we are exporting them to the world markets. Thus we are not only providing our own energetic security, but also contributing to creation of energetic balance of world economy.

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

I am profoundly moved with the confidence of Kazakhstan people, who elected me President of the country.

I am grateful to my supporters and all our citizens for the honor and their creative work.

On behalf of our people I express gratitude to the countries of the world community and their leaders, who supported us all these years. Elections of 2005 were not just a regular presidential campaign, but estimation of all our deeds during independent years.

We have implemented three large-scale goals – we formed our statehood, created dynamic economy and improved living standards considerably.

We have built new capital – Astana in the heart of Eurasia, as a symbol of our aspiration to future.

Due to thousands of foreign and domestic media and international organizations and observers, Kazakhstan was in the focus of world public attention during presidential elections. Such unprecedented openness directly proves our integration into modern world.

We set new goal – to enter the list of 50 most competitive countries in next decade. Development is determined not only by economy, per capita income or GDP volume. The question is development of four constituencies of the state – economy, policy, social sphere and culture. All that requires elaboration of special program, including economic, legal, administrative and political changes. Much work is ahead. We are on the eve of WTO accession and have nominated the republic for 2009 OSCE presidency.

Our internal security is based on three platforms: maintenance of inter-ethnic and religious accord, political stability and preventive measures against treats and challenges to national security.

Our external security includes our international liabilities in provision of energetic safety, fighting international terrorism, establishment of strategic partnership with all our neighbors, in particular with Russia, China and USA. Expansion of cooperation with our near neighbors in Central Asia, EU and Muslim countries is also among our priorities.

Dear compatriots and friends!

Assuming this post, I’m proud of the fact I was supported and would be accompanied by Kazakhstan people – honest, patriotic, loyal citizens. Therefore, achievements of the highest goals are feasible.

We are strong by our diversity – diversity of our nationalities and confessions.

Our strength lies in unity – unity of values and aspiration to the progress and prosperity of our Homeland.

We should achieve these lofty goals courageously and consistently with strong will for the welfare of our nation.

Dear compatriots!

As high were our achieved goals so high are the new ones.

What is the most important – we created the independent state based on peace and accord.

We have been formed as united nation focused on the future.

We found new society devoted to the common mankind values.

We have established new Kazakhstan model of economic development which provides the annual growth of nation prosperity due to creative work of all our people.

So let’s be together and in advance.

Thank you!

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