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Annual Address to the People of Kazakhstan - 2007 by the
President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev:

"In 1997, 10 years ago, in the first annual address to the people of Kazakhstan a vision of the future of our society and mission of our state was presented in the Strategy of Development of our country till 2030. We recognized that we should know and understand precisely what we wish to build and what the main direction of our development should be. We were sure that having defined correctly our priorities, having chosen a corresponding strategy, having shown the will, patience and purposefulness, we can successfully overcome any obstacles along our path. And we were not mistaken.

Today, it is possible to declare with the full responsibility: Kazakhstan has successfully finished a transitional stage and confidently enters a qualitatively new stage of its development.

More important societal issues are on the agenda now, dictated both by the logic of development of our country and by a wider global context. Modern challenges and threats urgently demand more dynamic modernization of all systems of social, political and economic relations which will allow Kazakhstan to keep leading positions on the post-Soviet domain and in Central Asia, and to become one of the most competitive and dynamically developing states in the world.

As the main priorities of a new stage of comprehensive modernisation of Kazakhstan I have defined 30 major directions of our domestic and foreign policies."

Full text of the Presidents Address.

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