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Kazakh Foreign Ministers, Belarusian Ambassador had a talk.

ASTANA. August 18, 2006. KAZINFORM. Today in Astana Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Kassymzhomart Tokayev has received the Byelorussian Ambassador Larissa Pakush, who is also a dean of the diplomatic corps in Kazakhstan. Larissa Pakush completes her diplomatic mission in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan MFA's press service informs.

The Minister has thanked Ambassador Pakush for personal contribution to strengthening and development of political, economic, cultural and humanitarian relations between Kazakhstan and Byelorussia.

In the course the meeting debated were issues on widening bilateral cooperation too.

Kazakh Ambassador delivered credentials to Hungarian President.

ASTANA. August 18, 2006. KAZINFORM. Today in Budapest Kazakhstan Ambassador Rashid Ibrayev has delivered credentials to the President of the Republic of Hungary Laslo Shoiom, Kazakhstan MFA’s press service reports.

In the course of the talks debated were issues on deepening and widening bilateral relationship. The parties positively assessed its current state, highlighted significant potential of political and trade-economic collaboration, stipulated by progressive advance and strengthening of international authorities of two states.

Kazakhstan attaches great importance to the development of relations with Hungary, Ibrayev told informing the President Shoiom of Kazakhstan’s present development, promotion of Kazakhstan’s initiatives and its strategy for ranking among the 50 most competitive states of the world.

Having outlined Kazakhstan as a strategic partner in Central Asia, Hungarian leader noted that Kazakhstan under the guidance of Nursultan Nazarbayev has achieved impressive breakthrough on the way of political and socio-economic modernization.

In a conclusion Laslo Shoiom has invited Nursultan Nazarbayev to pay an official visit to Hungary next year.

Heads of the EurAsEC member states participated in a joint press conference, at which they spoke on the results of the conducted meeting.

16.08.06 Akorda.kz

In the context of forming a customs union in the framework of EurAsEC, a relevant document has been agreed and adopted, which instructs the EurAsEC secretariat and three countries, Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus to take measures to form the customs union.

As President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation pointed out at the press conference “Our final aim is to incorporate all EurAsEC countries into the union”.

The Heads of the states supported the idea of establishing a common energy market in the framework of the Community, considered questions on developing collaboration in the water energy area in Central Asia and interaction in the area of nuclear energy. Also the Heads of the states signed a decision about restoring Uzbekistan’s membership in OTCS.

- A real practical outcome of the meeting is that Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus have agreed on 31 of 38 prepared documents, which create a basis for forming the custom union. At the same time we are working on accession to WTO. Kazakhstan and Russia have made a big progress in this process and will help other members of EurAsEC, - President Nursultan Nazarbaev of Kazakhstan emphasized.

-Once again we have confirmed our mutual inspiration to develop multifaceted collaboration for the prosperity of our nations, - Vladimir Putin noted while finishing the press conference.

On the 17th of June, 2006, the II Summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICMA) was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The idea of creation of CICMA was conveyed by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at the 47th session of the UN General Assembly in 1992. This undertaking of the Head of Kazakhstan receives powerful backing from Asian states.

The I Summit of CICMA took place in June 2002 in Almaty, where Almaty Act and Declaration on elimination of terrorism and contribution to a dialogue between the civilizations were signed. It was an open forum for a dialogue with the purpose of searching compromise settlement of problems and conflicts.

The CICMA is the structure, joining the states of Asian continent with the objective of strengthening of mutual relations and collaboration of Asian states in an effort of preserving stability and security in region.

The kernel of the idea consists in creation of effective mechanism of preventive diplomacy in Asian region, where such a mechanism is still unformed in contrast to other regions of the world. Thereupon the participants consented to main principals of CICMA activity, they are: military-political security, economic cooperation between CICMA states and also humanitarian cooperation and human rights.

It is significant the unique nature of CICMA, which is convenient area for dialogue and exchange of views by security and confidence-building measures in Asia.

Last year adoption of Confidence-Building Measures Catalogue, all-inclusive and unique document in the world diplomacy, became a new historical milestone in the development of the Asian security.

The economic growth rate has a direct effect on regional stability promotion. Stable economic advance and maintenance of sustainable development in many instances define capacity of CICMA states to stand against modern challenges.

The situation on the Asian continent and in the world is changed rapidly. Peace, development and collaboration are the basic tendencies. International community faces many challenges and threats such as terrorism and organized crime, political, economical and social inequality and suppression of people’s ambition for establishment of fundamental rights and particularly the right to self-determination. In order to overcome all these dangers and challenges there should be developed an integral practical approach, based on rational and collective cooperation and confidence.

Fulfillment of international commitments in nuclear and mass destruction weapons non-proliferation lays foundation for more secure peace and plays an important role in Asian stability and confidence. Peace and security in Asia are the guarantee of world peace and safety.

During Summit the representatives of CICMA member states have signed a Declaration of its II Summit in Almaty. It reflects member states’ attitude to security and cooperation problems of the world and region, and problem-solving proposals, and also emphasizes a firm intention “we should strengthen our activity on national, regional and multilateral base in the struggle against terrorism and drug business”. It also announces a need for practical realization of tasks, stated in the Confidence-Building Measures Catalogue.

Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan were represented there on the high level. Thailand, Israel, Mongolia, Turkey, India, Egypt, Iran and Palestine were also the members of CICMA.

Seven states, as well as the UN, OSCE and League of Arab States were the observers.

Third Summit of CICMA to be held in 2010.

The 33rd session of the Council of Foreign Ministers from the member-countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)

The 33rd session of the Council of Foreign Ministers from the member-countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) was opened in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku on 19th June, 2006.

The delegations from 51 out of 57 OIC member-countries were taken part in the session. The foreign ministers headed more than 30 delegations.

Representatives from 97 countries and international organizations, including the Council of Europe and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe arrived in Baku. The delegation headed by First Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Denisov represented Russia that has the status of observer in the OIC.

According to Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mamedyarov, the agenda of the session consists of 99 items. In particular, the involvement of Islamic countries in the implementation of the large-scale energy projects, the problems of regional conflicts, including in the Middle East and Nagorno Karabakh, the situation in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somali were considered at the session. The enlargement of the UN Security Council, the settlement of the Iranian nuclear problem, the cooperation of Islamic countries in the fight with global terrorism was prioritised at the session.

Azerbaijani President Ilkham Aliyev and OIC General Secretary Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu delivered speeches at the opening of the session.

The plenary meetings of the session were held behind closed doors. A Baku declaration was adopted at the end of the session.

Kazakhstan has been actively cooperating with the Islamic states on bilateral base and within OIC framework too in political, economic, cultural-humanitarian, and social spheres since 1995 and this interaction meets long-term interests of the country.

Its membership gives an opportunity to contribute to realization of Kazakhstan foreign policy initiatives, in particular, on CICMA and convocation of the Congress of the Leaders of the World and Traditional Religions.

Kazakhstan delegation was headed by Vice Foreign Minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov.

And also the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Saudi Arabia, the constant representative of the Republic of Kazakhstan at OIC Askar Mussinov and the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan Andar Shukputov were in membership of the delegation.

Kazakh Senate Speaker, head of the Muslim World League met

ASTANA. June 14, 2006. KAZINFORM. Today the Speaker of Kazakhstan Senate Nurtai Abykayev has held talks with the secretary general the Muslim World League Abdullah Abdel Mohsin at-Turki in Mecca, Kazakhstan MFA’s press service reports.

Muslim World League is a NGO which was established in 1962 in conformity with the decision of the 1st Summit of Organization of the Islamic Conference for representing the interests of Muslims. Its affiliates are operating in 40 states of the world.

Muslim World League took an active part in the 1st Congress of the Leaders of the World and Traditional Religions and cooperates with Kazakhstan in preparations for hosting the 2nd forum.

Senate Speaker expressed appreciation for participation of Abdullah Abdel Mohsin at-Turki in the 1st Congress and precious proposals to its draft final document.

Abdullah Abdel Mohsin at-Turki highly assessed Kazakhstan President’s policy and confirmed support given to Nursultan Nazarbayev’s initiative on convocation of the Congress of the Leaders of the World and Traditional Religions. Secretary general thanked for an invitation for the 2nd Congress and informed of readiness to attend it.

The very day Abykayev has left for Tehran.

Saudi Arabian Ambassador completes diplomatic mission in Kazakhstan

ASTANA. May 29, 2006. KAZINFORM. Today Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Kassymzhomart Tokayev has received the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Saudi Arabia Ali ben Muhammad ben Ali Al-Hamdan for the completion of his diplomatic mission in Kazakhstan.

Tokayev has expressed gratitude for the contribution to the development of Kazakh-Saudi Arabian cooperation and wished success in further diplomatic assignment.

5th session of Asian Cooperation Dialogue of Foreign Ministers (FMs) is over in Qatar – Kazinform

On Wednesday, May 24, the 5th session of Foreign Affairs Ministers of Asian Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) member-countries ended in Doha, Qatar, The FMs exchanged views on relevant topics of Asian continent, extension of cooperation between ACD participants, and boosting efficiency of the forum. Following results of the discussion they adopted Doha Declaration.

By that document the sides confirmed their interest in further deepening of Asian integration and determined priorities of ACD’s activity directed to intensification of regional interaction in the sphere of energy and energy security, finance, information technologies, tourism, agriculture and other spheres.

According special priority to promotion of constructive dialogue and ACD extension the parties positively considered membership of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in the forum.

They agreed on holding next ministerial meeting in the Republic of Korea in 2007. At Kazakhstan’s suggestion the 7th sitting will be conducted in Kazakhstan in 2008.

In his speech the head of Kazakh Foreign Ministry Kassymzhomart Tokayev admitted readiness of Kazakhstan to contribute to provision of stable development of the continent. He informed the participants of the meeting of specific measures assumed by the Government of Kazakhstan for achievement of closer interaction in the sphere of energy, agriculture and transport and declared Kazakhstan’s intention to introduce Strategy of development of cooperation in the sphere of transport project for consideration at next session.

In this context he mentioned about forthcoming seminar dedicated to issues of energy security that will be held in Almaty in 2006.

He suggested holding Consumption of energy resources in Asia and role of Caspian region in energy policy of European Union international conference in Kazakhstan in November 2006. During the forum there will be debated key aspects of security in this sphere and its medium-term and long-term perspectives.

Kazakhstani diplomat conducted a number of bilateral negotiations with his foreign colleagues the same day.

In the course of the talks with deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar Abdulla Bin Hamad Al-Attiya, K. Tokayev thanked his Government for financial support during construction of the Sultan Beibars Islamic Cultural Center in Astana, the largest one in Central Asia.

Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Ban Ki-Moon told Mr. Tokayev that his Government decided to enter Conference on Interaction and Confidence-building Measures in Asia (CICMA) as a full-fledged member. Thus, South Korea may be regarded as the 18th member of the organization.

In this connection Kazakh FM highly estimated support rendered by Korean authorities to Kazakhstan’s initiatives and pledged country’s adherence to consolidation of political contacts and further fruitful interaction.

At the meetings with colleagues from Thailand and Mongolia Kantathi Suphamongkhon and Nyamaa Enkhbold Kazakh Foreign Minister exchanged views on various issues of political, economic and humanitarian character, touched upon oncoming CICMA Summit and problems of provision of regional cooperation and security in Asia.

The ACD, inaugurated in 2002 in Thailand, began as a gathering of 18 countries.

The membership grew to 28 after Russia and Saudi Arabia were added in 2005.


Almaty. April 20, 2006 KZ TODAY
The V Eurasian Media Forum is open in Almaty, Kazakhstan Today correspondent reports.

Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, is expected to welcome the participants. Speeches by Jim Laurie, Executive Producer FocusAsiaTV.Org, and Dariga Nazarbayeva, Chair of the EAMF Organizational Committee.

On the discussion agenda of the forum there are issues related with the economic and geopolitical role of Central Asia in the conditions of the current world's energy situation and the growing roles of China and India; main tendencies, models and technologies of international electronic media; problems of formation of tolerant and multicultural principles in the modern society; the potential role of the press in the supercession of the clash of cultures and religions, and other issues.

The forum has gathered international and regional journalists, famous politicians, heads of the world media community, businessmen and experts.

The Eurasian Media Forum is an international non-political organisation founded in Kazakhstan in 2001. The objective of the EAMF is to promote co-operation between East and West.

More than 300 persons from more than 35 countries of Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, and Africa participated in the IV Eurasian Media Forum in April 2005 in Almaty. The last year forum regarded the most discussed issues of the rime including the problem of coverage of terrorist acts by media, laws on media, the Central Asian situation etc.


Almaty. April 20, 2006 KZ TODAY
Richard Cheney, US Vice President, will visit Kazakhstan during the next three weeks. Richard Holbrooke, Chairman of the Asia Society, said during the V Eurasian Media Forum, Kazakhstan Today correspondent reports.

According to Mr. Holbrooke a few days ago a press release was circulated in the White House saying that Mr. Cheney is going to visit Vilnius, Astana, and Zagreb in the nearest future. "The precise date has not been identified so far, but I think it will happen during the next three weeks," - he said.

According to an official statement published on the White House website, in Vilnius Mr. Cheney will make a speech at a meeting of leaders of Baltic and Black Sea states due to take place May 4. "President Bush asked Cheney to join European leaders at the summit to underscore the importance of democratic changes in the region and to promote the programme "President's Freedom Agenda"," - the document says.

After that Mr. Cheney is expected to arrive in Kazakhstan. According to the White House, at a meeting in Astana Mr. Cheney and Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, will discuss "development of the bilateral relationship on the basis of common strategic interests and promotion of democratic reforms and economic development."

According to Mr. Holbrooke, "the situation in Iran will become one of the subjects of discussion between Mr. Cheney and Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan."


Astana. April 20, 2006 KZ TODAY
Karim Massimov has been assigned Vice Premier- Minister of Economy and Budget Planning. Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, has signed a corresponding order, Kazakhstan Today reports citing the presidential press service.

"With this Karim K. Massimov is assigned Vice Premier- Minister of Economy and Budget Planning of RK and relieved of previous duties," - the order says.

Kairat Kelimbetov has been relieved of duties of the Minister of Economy and Budget Planning of RK by presidential order. He has been assigned Chairman of the Board of JSC "Sustainable Development Fund "Kazyna."


Moscow. April 4, 2006 KZ TODAY
Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, and Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, have opened a monument to Abai Kunanbayev on Chistoprudny boulevard in Moscow today, April 4, Kazakhstan Today correspondent reports.

"I congratulate Kazakh people on this significant event - opening of a monument to the great son of the Kazakh people, Abai Kunanbayev. This event shows mutual rapprochement between our cultures. Abai not only created Kazakh literary language, but also a man who opened Russian culture for Kazakhs. Abai translated around 50 Russian literary works into Kazakh," - Mr.Putin said.

"I am convinced that a monument to the great son of the Kazakh people in the centre of Moscow and solemn events related with the opening of Year of Abai in Russia and the Year of Pushkin in Kazakhstan will become a bright symbol of the sincere friendship between our peoples," - Mr.Putin stressed.

Representatives of political and cultural elites of Kazakhstan and Russia participated in the event - Kassymzhomart Tokayev, Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan, Yermuhamet Yertysbaev, Minister of Culture and Information, Vladimir Ressin, first vice mayor of Moscow and others.

The decision to open a monument to Abai Kunanbayev in Moscow was made at a meeting between Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, and Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, during Nazarbayev's official visit in January 2005.

The authors of the monument are sculptor Marat Ainekov, designer Timur Suleimenov, artist Eduard Drobitsky, architect Vyacheslav Romanenko.


Astana. March 31, 2006 KZ TODAY
Several states that have observer statuses in the CICA (Conference for Interaction and Confidence in Asia), are planning "to raise the level of their participation in the organisation to a full membership," Vice FM Kairat Abdrakhmanov has said at a briefing during the meeting of the Committee of CICA Senior Officers, Kazakhstan Today correspondent reports.

"I must note a growing interest to the CICA on the part of Asian states. One of conditions for the CICA membership is possession of a part of national territory in Asia," he said.

Mr. Abdrakhmanov also said "that several South East Asian states are also interested in the accession. I do not have a right to name them before receiving their official applications, but I think that it will happen before the CICA summit that is due to take place this summer."


Astana. March 10, 2006 KZ TODAY
Kazakhstan plans to increase oil production to 72 tons by 2009. Bolat Akchulakov, Vice Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of RK, has stated this today, March 10, at a meeting on average term plan of socioeconomic development of RK for 2007 - 2009, Kazakhstan Today correspondent reports.

"The production growth is possible when the second stage of the state programme of the Kazakhstani Caspian sector development is implemented. In perspective we are planning to increase the oil production to 150 million tons per annum before 2015," - he has explained.

According to Mr. Akchulakov, "in 2008 oil production will start at Kashagan field, in 2006 reconstruction of Atyrau refinery will be completed, which will allow us to produce international quality goods. In total by 2009 we are planning to bring the production of oil in RK to 11 million tons," - he has stressed.

Besides, Mr. Akchulakov has also said that it is planned to enlarge the capacity of Atyrau - Samara pipeline to 25 million tons, the capacity of the CPC - to 58 million tons by 2011 and to 67 million tons by 2015.

Mr. Akchulakov has also advised the meeting participants that the Atasu-Alashankou pipeline operations will commence in May. The first phase suggests pumping of 10 million tons, the second phase - up to 20 million tons.


Astana. March 10, 2006 KZ TODAY
Kazakhstan plans to increase gas production to 39 bcm by 2009. Bolat Akchulakov, Vice Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of RK, has stated this today, March 10, at a meeting on average term plan of socioeconomic development of RK for 2007 - 2009, Kazakhstan Today correspondent reports.

"We are considering a project of modernisation and reconstruction of the entire gas transport system, in particular, of increasing the Central Asia - Centre gas pipe capacity to 100 bcm per annum. Besides, development of a gas condensate field Amangheldy continues in South Kazakhstan region," - he has explained.

Mr. Akchulakov has also reminded that a possibility of creating a processing complex at Karachaganak field is currently considered.

The natural gas production in RK reached 26.2 bcm in 2005.


Astana. March 10, 2006 KZ TODAY
The electric power consumption is planned to reach 82 billion kilowatt hours in 2009. Bolat Akchulakov, Vice Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of RK, has stated this today, March 10, at a meeting on average term plan of socioeconomic development of RK for 2007 - 2009, Kazakhstan Today correspondent reports.

Mr. Akchulakov has observed that "implementation of several big projects is planned to provide electric power." In particular, "construction of electric power transmission line "North - South," construction of Moinak hydropower station on Charyn river in Almaty region, and construction of an interregional power transmission line," - he has observed. In his view, implementation of these projects will allow to cut the cost of electric power and raise security of electric power supplies.

The electric power consumption amounted to 68 billion kilowatt hours in 2005.


Abu Dhabi. February 17, 2006 KZ TODAY
Delegation headed by Karim Massimov, Vice Prime Minister of RK, has visited the United Arab Emirates February 15-16 on order from Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Today reports citing the presidential press service.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss a number of issues related with mutually beneficial co-operation and a concrete Action Plan for different areas.

At the negotiations in Abu-Dhabi the sites noted big prospects for co-operation on development of bauxite fields including constitution of aluminium and alumina factories. The Emirates were especially interested in participation in the construction of a new petrochemical complex in West Kazakhstan.

Besides, co-operation in pharmaceutics and medicine was discussed either. In particular, it is joint construction of the National Cardiosurgery Centre in Astana, co-financing of a pilot project on introduction of international standards on the basis of the National Scientific Maternity and Childhood Centre. Co-operation in transport and communications, in particular, opening of air traffic between the UAE and Kazakhstan.

The Kazakhstani delegation has expressed interest in realising the full potential of co-operation in the construction of a scientific educational centre "Bilim ordasy" in Astana following the example of the "Knowledge village" in the UAE.

The UAE investors in their turn expressed an interest in the project of constructing "Burj al-Emirate" building in Astana that will include a hotel, a mall, and a business centre.

The Kazakhstan-UAE Action Plan was signed February in the presence of heads of both states February 16. The inclusion of concrete projects in different areas into it confirmed a high degree of mutual interest in developing bilateral relations.


Astana. February 17, 2006 KZ TODAY
Lease Agreement will be signed officially January 20 in Astana between the Embassy of UK and LLP "RENCO-AK," the embassy has advised Kazakhstan Today.

Paul Brummel, Ambassador of UK to Kazakhstan, and Gianluca Mattioli, Director General of LLP "RENCO-AK," will participate in the inking ceremony.

"I am glad that we are inking the Lease Agreement on new office in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Our move to Astana later this year will be a sign of mutual rapprochement between our country. However it does not mean that we will abandon our job in Almaty and Kyrgyzstan: we are leaving a consulate in Almaty," - he explained.

Currently the embassy has a representative office in Astana. After the move the embassy of UK will be located in the same building.


Astana. February 10, 2006 KZ TODAY
Vladimir Shkolnik, Minister of Industry and Commerce of RK, believes 2007 to be a realistic term for the accession to the WTO. He has stated this to journalists after a meeting in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of RK, Kazakhstan Today correspondent reports.

"If we complete the whole negotiating process this year and manage to defend our positions, then 2007 is a realistic term for the accession to the WTO," - he stressed noting that Kazakhstan coordinates its activities on the accession to the WTO with Russia.

Besides, according to Nurlan Seydali, Director of Department for Commercial Policy Development and WTO Accession, in 2006 Kazakhstan must resolve a number of tasks related with the accession to the WTO.

In particular, Mr. Seydali has said that in 2006 the republic has to unify excise rates and to provide transition of national producers to international standards. "The government must also abolish bans on fuel and black fuel export after the accession to the WTO, it is the main requirement of the EU and Canada," - he stressed. As an alternative it is proposed that Kazakhstan subsidises purchases of fuel for agricultural producers directly.

According to Mr. Seydali, apart from that, the government of RK has to consider introduction of changes in the legislation concerning the Kazakh Content in the development of big oil fields.


Astana. February 06, 2006 KZ TODAY
Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, has extended to his Egyptian counterpart Hosni Mubarak in relation with the Red Sea tragedy, presidential press service has advised Kazakhstan Today.

"With deep sorrow I perceived the news about the tragedy in the Red Sea that took so many human lives. On behalf of the Kazakhstani people and personally I extend my condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims," - the telegram says.

A ferry "Al-Salaam 98" swith 1,414 people aboard - mainly Egyptuan pilgrims returning from the Hajj, - as well as 22 cars, 16 trucks, and 5 cans with cargo sank February 3 in the Red Sea.

230 died as a result of the disaster, 415 saved, more than 700 are missing.


Astana. January 20, 2006 KZ TODAY
All 16 ministers of the new government of Kazakhstan have been assigned by orders of Nursultan Nazarbayev, president of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Today reports.

As per the presidential orders the following persons were assigned heads of the corresponding ministries:

Baktykoja Izmukhambetov, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources;
Vladimir Shkolnik, Ministry of Industry and Commerce;
Akhmetzhan Yessimov, Ministry of Agriculture;
Qamaltin Mukhamedjanov, Ministry of Environment Protection;
Kassymzhomart Tokayev, Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
Mukhtar Altynbayev, Ministry of Defence;
Baurzhan Mukhamedjanov, Ministry of the Interior;
Yerbolat Dossayev, Ministry of Health;
Byrganym Aitimova, Ministry of Education and Science;
Askar Mamin, Ministry of Transport and Communications;
Guljana Karagussova, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection;
Shalbai Kulmakhanov, Ministry of Emergencies;
Kairat Kelimbetov, Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning;
Zaghipa Baliyeva, Ministry of Justice;
Yermukhamet Yertysbayev, Ministry of Culture, Information, and Sports;
Natalia Korzhova, Ministry of Finance.

Danial Akhmetov has been assigned Prime Minister of RK, Karim Massimov - his vice premier.


Astana. January 20, 2006 KZ TODAY
Nursultan Nazarbayev, president of Kazakhstan, has congratulated deputies of both parliament chambers on the 10th anniversary of the parliament of RK today, January 20, presidential press service has informed Kazakhstan Today.

"These ten years have become a bright page in the national history. Thanks to the Constitution of the republic passed at the national referendum in 1995, the two-house model was implemented for the first time," - the congratulation says.

The celebration will take place in January 2006."Today we can state with certainty that the professional two-house parliament as a higher representative authority carrying out legislative functions has not only been formed, but also checked by time," - president has summed up.


Astana. January 20, 2006 MFA of RK
Foreign Minister Kassymzhomart Tokaev meets Ms Nino Bourdjanadze, President of the Parliament of the Republic of Georgia during her official visit to Kazakhstan.

The Head of the Foreign Office noted that the official visit of President of the Parliament of Georgia to our country aimed at further strengthening steadily developing Kazakh-Georgian relations. He stressed that the agreements achieved last year during two high-level visits and the First Session of the Kazakh-Georgian Intergovernmental Committee on Trade-Economic Cooperation are being successfully implemented.

The Speaker of the Georgian Parliament gave high evaluation to the bilateral relations and commented that Kazakh and Georgian peoples have always had strong and friendly ties.

Ms N. Bourdjanadze placed the emphasis on the fact that today Kazakhstan is the biggest investor in the Georgian economy. She assured that in the future Georgia will create all necessary conditions for Kazakh investments.

Touching upon the Kazakhstan’s OSCE Presidency in 2009, Ms N. Bourdjanadze said that Georgia supports our initiative. She noted that Kazakhstan’s Presidency in this influential international organization will help more fully open our potential and scale. The Head of the Georgian Parliament also said about the support of Kazakhstan to enter the WTO.

The same day Foreign Minister met Mr Charles Wald, Deputy Commander, Headquarters US European Command.

K. Tokaev noted the readiness to develop strategic partnership on the whole specter of Kazakh-American relations, including nonproliferation issues, fight against terrorism and other global challenges.

Mr Wald expressed his gratitude to our country for the active participation in the work of anti-terrorist coalition and noted that interaction of Kazakhstan with NATO is successfully developing. He stressed that the aim of his visit is development of contacts with the armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as mutual cooperation in the fight against terrorism.


Astana. January 12, 2006 KZ TODAY
"I have had the objective for a long time to help Kazakhstan to join the group of 50 most competitive countries of the world in the next decade", the president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev said on Wednesday, after the ceremony of inauguration in Akorda residence.

According to RK President, "development is defined not only by the economy of the country, personal income or volume of total national product"."I talk about four measurements of a developed state - economic, political, social and cultural", - N. Nazarbayev said. Thus, he noted "it will require development of the complete program, including serious economic, administrative, political and legal changes". "Huge work is ahead".

We consider our introduction into WTO as well as our plans for presidency in OSCE through the prism of this problem," the President emphasized.

"The time granted to me by Kazakhstan people will be used on achievement of these purposes. This carte blanche is necessary to be justified by firm political will and clear understanding of priorities," N. Nazarbayev summed up.


Astana. January 11, 2006 KZ TODAY
Nursultan Nazarbayev took oaths of Kazakhstan President in a solemn atmosphere in the ceremony hall of Ak Orda residence, KZ-today reports.

"I solemnly swear to faithfully serve the people of Kazakhstan, strictly observe the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, guarantee the rights and freedoms of the citizens, honestly perform the high duties of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan entrusted to me," the President said.

The Chairman of Kazakhstan Central Election Commission Onalsyn Zhumabekov handled Nursultan Nazarbayev a certificate of the President of Kazakhstan.

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